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The Health Services Department of CISD works with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community professionals to remove health barriers to learning. The purpose of school health is:

-To enhance the learning process by creating a safe, happy and healthy school environment for students to exist in so that every student develops a health conscious lifestyle resulting in the ability to function productively.
-To keep well and happy children in school a maximum number of school days each year.
-To teach the child wholesome, healthy attitudes toward physical, mental, and moral growth.
-To motivate and cultivate positive health habits and self-esteem.
-To reduce the incidence of student morbidity and absenteeism related to accidents, illnesses and communicable diseases.

The health and well-being of each student is a collaborative effort between parents/guardians and the school. It is imperative that you keep the school informed of changes with contact information and medication so that we can easily reach you in case of an emergency.